Establishing a uniform system of legal citation allows for the efficient and reliable recognition of legal sources, an important requirement for the advancement of legal scholarship. In an effort to achieve reliability in referencing, the editors of the McGill Law Journal released the first edition of the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation – the McGill Guide – in 1986.

Today, the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 10th Edition is published by Thomson/Carswell. Over the years the McGill Law Journal has worked with jurists, scholars, and a variety of advisors to compile the McGill Guide. A new edition is released every four years in order to remain abreast with the dynamic and ever evolving legal profession. The McGill Guide is an indispensable tool for legal writing and is widely used by practitioners, judges, academics and law students across Canada. It is the standard reference guide for most Canadian law journals as well as for many courts. A large number of Canadian law faculties also use it as a primary tool in teaching legal methodology. 

The McGill Guide provides instructions on how to cite a variety of sources including:

  • Parliamentary Documents
  • Indigenous Constitutions
  • PDF Documents
  • Online Video and Video Aggregators
  • Arbitration Cases
  • Various International Materials

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